By now, you've already set up your Ad accounts, and your creatives are synced with Now the fun begins!

There are various ways you can filter through them in order to get the most relevant creative insight and analysis. All the filters you need can be found in the filter line of your dashboard 👇

Dates filter

The dates filter allows you to choose what period of time you want to look at. The platform will display and analyze data based on the chosen period of time.

Metric filter

The metric filter allows you to choose what metric you want to analyze and measure. Creative performance and analysis will be done regarding the metric you choose. This can be changed and adjusted to your need and interest in real-time.

Sort by filter

The sort by filter allows you to manipulate the performance display and analysis of the metric by using a formula.

💡 Note:

This small arrow on the left side of the filter, allows you to change the default of ‘best performer’ by the metric. Should it be sorted by - Max metric value is best or Min metric value.

Ok, let's continue...

Creative type filter

The creative type filter allows you to filter the different creative types you have in your account - images, video, carousels, and more.

More filters

This filter provides you a list of additional filters you can use.

Clicking on it will bring a pop-up for additional filtering options:

  • When you're done setting up the new filter - click RUN FILTER to activate the new filter.

  • To add more filter, simply click on the + Add filter

  • If you want to remove a filter simply click on the red X next to it

  • The filter has 2 conditions, you can change between them by pressing on the
    " = " equal sign

👉 Equal this means the filter will include all creatives that fit the condition

👉 Not equal this means the filter will exclude all creatives that fit the condition

Let's dig into the more filter options! There are 3 types of additional filters.

Open text filter - Ad text

This is an open text filter, allowing you to write text in it and filter all the creatives that Ads with that exact text in their copy.

Multichoice filters:

Those options are multi-choice options. You can filter all the creatives by choosing one or more parameters based on the existing ones in your account.

Range filters

Range filters apply to numeric values. If you want to filter out some of the noisy data and creatives you can use those filters to remove creatives below min value or above max value. You can apply both limits or only one.

Time overlapping

You can use the time overlapping filter to break all the creative into time groups and compare only creative Ads that were active in the same period of time. In order to run such analysis, you can choose the minimum Ad group size - so if there was a time frame with a smaller active number of creative Ads, this time frame will not appear in the analysis.

Compare Groups

This filter option provides you with the option to break the creatives into groups and run a comparison between them. Comparing performance and insights of each group.

Filter history

This option allows you to simply use a filter again by clicking on the used filter button and selecting the filter you want to reuse.

The filter history has 2 options:

  1. Frequently used filters - this tab saves automatically the last used 20 filters.

  2. Saved filter - in this option you can save a filter you currently use under a name and reuse it in the future by clicking on it in the ‘Saved Filters’ tab. To do it, you click on the saved filter tab → save the current filter

A new window will open, providing you an option to name it. After you name it, click on save, and the filter will be added to the saved filter tub.

Share a Report

Right next to the history filter you can create a share link to share your creative data with your team - or everyone. By clicking on the share button, the platform will provide you with a URL for you to share.

That's it!

Let us know if you have any questions about these filtering capabilities in the chat box at the bottom right corner. We want to help you get the most out of your Pudding experience.

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