What is the board tab?

pudding.ai board

The board tab allows you to measure and get insights on creative performance in correlation to multi-metric or a funnel including more than one metric.

The board summary contains all the capabilities of the regular summary, including a benchmark for the main metric and each other metric.

How is the creative performance sorted?

On the board, you can sort the creative performances based on the main metric or the overall score.

What is the overall score?

The overall score represents a combined performance score for each creative based on all the metrics you chose to add to your board.

How do I add a metric to the board?

In order to add a metric, you need to do the following:

  • Press on the ADD METRIC button

  • When you do, a pop up will appear where you can choose the metric you’d like to add, and press ‘Add metric’ to add it

  • When you’re done the new metric will be added as a column to your board

How do I remove a metric from the board?

In order to remove a metric column, hover the column name where the red button will appear. To remove a column simply press that red button and the column will be removed from your board.

🤓 Pro Tip: Use the board to compare your creative campaigns based on your favorite metrics.

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